Will I get higher if I hold in my hit longer?

Will I get higher if I hold in my hit longer? Everyone seems to think so.😶 💨

Snoop Dogg Status Asked on September 13, 2017 in uncategorized.
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The scientific evidence shows that you won’t get higher if you hold your hit in longer. But that hasn’t stopped the idea from being one of the most pervasive marijuana myths around.

Thanks to the chemical structure of those cannabinoids, your lungs little sacks absorb them into your bloodstream and send them to your brain pretty quickly. Again, it takes somewhere in the range of 3-7 seconds,  – WOW thats fast lol

depending on your body and the type of device you are using to smoke.

Stoner Answered on September 14, 2017.
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Damn it. Lol

Snoop Dogg Status Answered on September 15, 2017.
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No. What you are feeling is simply disorientation from oxygen deprivation to your brain. Please do not hold in or “ghost” your hoots.

Stoner Answered on February 25, 2018.
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